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"A wonderful and warm shopping experience.
I was very impressed by the knowledge and passion of the owner Alex, and his integrity in finding the ‘right carpet’ for us, rather than just pushing a sale.
A great experience, and one that I intend on repeating soon! Highly recommend."
- Keith Lawrence (Google Reviews)
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"I stumbled upon this shop last May and fell in love with it! Huge choice, and every rug is handmade and beautiful. The shop is very charming and has a warm atmosphere, the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, especially with someone with a lot of questions like me. Definitely going back when I’m across the pond again to see what they’ve brought back from the East."
-Giorgia Lucciola (Google Reviews)
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" Having been looking for a large rug for my new house for a couple of months I was delighted to stumble across this shop whilst passing through Petworth a couple of weeks ago. The chap I dealt with was incredibly helpful and I found exactly the style/colour of rug I was looking for. Brilliant selection and a thoroughly enjoyable experience."
- James Davies (Google Reviews)
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