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Ghazni Kazak Rug

SKU: 5574


Hand Knotted in Afghanistan
Wool on Cotton
3.76m x 2.72m
12' 4" x 8' 11"

Kazak rug designs originate from Azerbaijan and take their name from the Gazakh region. Over the last century the Kazak rug designs have migrated across the rug weaving regions of central Asia, being embraced and adapted along the way. Kazak rugs now enjoy acclaimed status as a staple of the rug design world. The Kazak rug designs are typically bold, geometric and embracing a warm palette of jewel colours.

Our Ghazni Kazak rugs are woven in northern Afghanistan, mainly hand-knotted in people's homes as a supplementary source of household income. The wool is sourced from the Ghazni region, and hand-spun and dyed before going to looms for the highly skilled weavers to start work on their unique creation. Finally, once completed, the Kazak rugs are collected from the villages and cross the border to Pakistan to be washed and finished. This is where we source the Kazak rugs for our showroom - each one selected individually and in person.

Kazak rugs can add a splash of vibrancy and warmth to any room, and can sit comfortably in both traditional and contemporary decoration schemes.

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